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Before completing this assignment, it is essential that you read “Module 7 – Overview: Team Project” and “Module 7 – Team Project Best Practices.” Team Project Part 1 Instructions The Team Project Part 1 submission will include three components: the team’s chosen topic, the team’s agreed-upon timeline for completion, and the team jobs. Topic – Select one of the topics from the six options listed under “Module 7 – Overview: Team Project.” Explain why your team agreed to work on this particular topic over the other options. Timeline – Once your team decides on a topic, it is time to figure out the most logical and effective way to present your ideas cohesively. To help you save time, organize your thoughts, and get better results, create a team timeline. This will provide your group with a roadmap for success on your report. After reading the “Module 7 – Overview: Team Project” and understanding the major milestones for the Team Project, what is your team’s agreed-upon timeline for completing this project? How often will you communicate? Will you contribute every other day? At least twice a week? In your timeline, be sure to include your scheduled team meetings and how your team plans to communicate with one another. Team Jobs – After deciding upon a team timeline, decide upon each individual teammate’s job. Team jobs include who is responsible for completing each portion of the Team Project. Review the Technical Requirements of the Team Project as outlined in “Module 7 – Overview: Team Project.” Each team member should be responsible for roughly the same amount of work in completing the project. For more information on assigning team jobs, please see “Module 7 – Team Project Best Practices.” Team jobs should include one Team Leader, the person responsible for submitting the Team Project Part 1 and the Team Project Part 3 on behalf of the entire group. Submission Instructions The Team Project Part 1 will be submitted by the Team Leader on behalf of the entire group. To submit, use a standard file type (DOC or DOCX) and name the file with the module number and title of the assignment (e.g., M7_TeamProjectPart1). The Team Leader should be sure that all of the team members’ names are clearly listed on a title page. Next Steps Continue using the Group Discussion Forum to work on your Team Project. Next week, each individual teammate will submit a draft of his or her portion of the Team Project.


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