Business plan

BUSINESS PLANOWNERS:Business Name:Address:City, State, ZIP:Telephone:Cell Phone:Fax:Email:I. TABLE OF CONTENTSI. Table of Contents[page 1]II. Executive Summary[page X]III. Business Description[page X]IV. Market Analysis[page X]V. Marketing Plan[page X]VI. Operations and Management Strategy [page X]VII. Competitive Analysis[page X]VIII. Development Plan[page X]IX. Financial Statements[page X]X. Attachments[page X]II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY{Name of store} will be a retail establishment shop that will sell {whatever products your store will sell, such as electronics, clothing, shoes, etc.}. We will provide our customers with excellent service and quality items. Our customers will be {kind of customer to whom you will market your goods} in {type of environment your store will offer, along with what kind of employees will be there to help}.We are seeking {money amount} for {purposes for the funds}. We believe we will be profitable within {amount of time}because the store will {what you intend to do with the store to ensure the profit}.III. BUSINESS DESCRIPTIONWe are in the retail business, and we will be selling {product}. We know that {our products} are something people will always need, and we will be able to offer those products at an affordable price because {reasons your product can be reasonably priced}.Our goal is to {state your business goal(s)}, and we will do this with {specific ways you will reach those goals}. Our business philosophy is {give your philosophy or mission statement}, and we know that we can honor that philosophy by {state some concrete things that will help you live by the philosophy}.We will be able to compete in this marketplace because {reasons you will stand out from the crowd} and because we will market to a certain kind of customer who wants {what you offer that other stores in the area dont}.We are setting up our store as {legal setup, such as LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.}.IV. MARKET ANALYSIS{Explain here whether there is competition near you. If there isnt, explain that your business will offer something no one else does; if there is competition, explain why you will be better}Our prices will be {more than, less than, equal to} the competition, and we believe they are set up perfectly because {why your prices are what they are}. The employees we {intend to hire or have already hired} are some of the best in the business. {Talk about what your employees offer, such as excellent knowledge of your product, strong sales techniques, etc.}.We are attaching {marketing materials, brochures, etc.} to give you an indication of {something that proves your store will do well}.V. MARKETING PLANWe believe that {name of store} will have the image of {kind of image you expect your store to project}. Because we intend for our customers to be {type of clients you will be seeking}, we will be marketing our new store in the following ways: {here is where you detail your marketing strategy, including a timeline, your advertising budget, and any charts, graphs or information you have to add to your description}.The market for our products is {describe what the market is doing in your area}, and because of that we believe we can {how your store will deal with the good or bad in the market, and any changes that may be coming in the market}. We have set our prices based on the current market, and they are {list of basic prices for your products, with indication that these prices can change in your particular business}. We believe they are competitive because {methodology behind setting your prices; may include solid statistics and figures to further back up your plan}.VI. OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT{Name of store} will be located at {address and/or area of stores location}, because {reasons for being located there}. The parking situation at our location is {describe the parking}. We will sell our product from this location. We {do/do not} or will/will not} have a web-based business. {If you dont, explain if/when you will be starting that}. We will have {number}employees, including {detail the types of employees you will have}.We will also have {describe your management team here}.There are things we will need in the initial startup, including {list of inventory and equipment you will have to purchase, such as your product, displays for the product, cash registers, etc.}{Note here whether you have a location. If you do, state what it will take to get it in working order; if you dont, explain your plan for securing a location}We expect our products to {details about how you expect the product to sell, including research that explains why you believe this}. Our forecast for {amount of time} is {explain your financial forecast} and we will get there by {what you will do to make your forecast a reality}.VII. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS{Name of store} faces competition from {names of other storesthat will be your direct competitors}.{Here you detail any information you have on the competition, including sales figures and any other statistics that would be relevant to your stores chances.}Customers choose {the competitors} because {reasons why these competitors have business}. We believe {name of store}can offer an alternative because {reasons why your store will be the better choice for customers}.VIII. DEVELOPMENT PLANWe will begin our marketing plan {date} with {type of marketing that you will roll out initially}, with the intention of spending {amount of time} on marketing before officially opening {date}.Prior to opening, we will spend {amount of time} purchasing equipment and setting up our space. Our location is {non-existent, ready, not ready, in need of work} and we will {refurbish, remodel, work on it in some way, etc.} for {amount of time}, spending an estimated {amount of the funds needed to get the location in order}. The equipment will be an estimated {amount of money you will spend on everything that goes inside the location}.We have {amount of money you already have, if any}, and with the money we receive from investors, we will {explain how you will you use the money you receive}.Our goal is to {forecast when you expect to be profitable, and how you will get there}. In {amount of time} we will {indicate where you intend to be in a year, five years, even ten years}.IX. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS{Put all the owners personal financial information here, as well as a list of any investments, loans, or lines of credit you have already received for the business}X. ATTACHMENTS{Attach anything here that you have referenced in the outline. This includes graphs, logos, detailed market and competitive analysis, financial statements, and anything else you think would be important to a potential investor or lender}
You are to create a business plan using this outline for your upcoming business. Here are some details you may use when creating your plan:Name of Store: The SheSo Store (Online based store only)- A women clothing store 

  • ages: all ages 
  • Diverse 
  • All body type and sizes
  • Clubwear, casual look, and lounge sets 
  • Prices range: $25- $60 (prices may change in future) 
  • Accessories: sunglasses (purses and heels, sandals) in the future 
  • Hopefully to profit $5,000-$10,000 in the first year
  • In the state of Mississippi 
  • LLC 
  • remember you need money for inventory and proper equipments such as computer, printer, label printer, label packagingetc
  • plan to expand by selling men clothing in the future 
  • No employees 
  • In next five years plan to have $50-$100,000 profit 
  • Have not received and loans or investors 
  • Online advertising, social media, ads, flyers, business cards, email, billboards, promos 


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