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Summary #6

Prior to the beginning of one class each week (e.g. prior to the Tuesday class or prior to the Thursday class), students are required to write a short summary of one of the required readings for that class and upload the summary to the course website. This summary should be between 300 and 500 words (approximately one page).

The summaries are posted under the assignments tab on canvas or can be found under each module. You have the option to upload either a PDF or a word document. The summaries are due by 1:00 am the day before the class and cannot be uploaded after that time.

There are 10 weeks of class. You need to complete 10 reading summaries; your lowest score may be dropped. If you make a reasonable effort and write something thoughtful, you will receive full credit. I expect that everyone should regularly be receiving full credit.

The summary should cover the following: (i) Why is the paper important (or why not)? (ii) An overview of the core contributions o

U.S. Behavioral Insights Team

In 2010, the UK created its Behavioral Insights Team  (Links to an external site.)and the Danes formed the Danish iNudgeyou (Links to an external site.) unit. The European Nudging Network (TEN) (Links to an external site.) was launched in June 2014. Not to be left too far behind, on September 15, 2015, President Obama, through executive order, established the White House (WH) Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (Links to an external site.) (SBST) as a part of the pre-existing White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). The OSTP was established by law in 1976.

Then everything changed. One of President Trump's initial actions on January 20, 2017, was to disband the OSTP leadership and effectively discontinue this portion of federal government science and technology support. The WH SBST and its associated website remain frozen awaiting to see if President Biden revives it. The applied behavioral sciences program, however, still continues in Europe and in most S


write a few sentences, saying something about what you see in your account.  I need a few meaningful sentences of analysis.  Something about why you bought or sold certain stocks.  Any surprises as the simulation progressed?  Did something work out as you expected, or better or worse?  Plans to sell or buy some stocks?  Did you use something you learned in the course?  Did something happen in the news that impacted your stocks?  Etc.  A few sentences should do it but make it meaningful. 


1. Superbowl Pricing and demand elasticity. Please see the article.

2. Please use 3 references including the one I posted.

Take an issue from a recent news article related to material we cover in class. Provide a detailed economic analysis of the issues in order to describe and then evaluate the situation. I recommend the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Forbes, or The Economist. This list is not comprehensive. Certainly other news sources business and non-business alike may have something worthwhile to write about. As an example: I might choose to write about the pricing changes made by Netflix and the resulting uproar from consumers. In this case, I may choose to incorporate the following issues into my analysis: people respond to incentives, optimal decisions are made on the margin, changes in market equilibrium, price elasticity of dema

Social Media (Portfolio)

The research problem is Social media abuse that football players are susceptible to.

Assignment Task and word count: A Research Plan describing your problem/issue, with a plan for collecting and analysing social media data (no more than 1,500 words).

An Appendix of supporting evidence (screen shots, data samples etc.) showing that your research plan is feasible (all exhibits in the appendix must have a title and brief description of what the exhibit shows no upper- or lower-word limit). Submit ONE Word document containing both parts.

Also needs to follow the assignment brief.

Microeconomics Test

I have a microeconomic test soon and I need help with it. The test is on Feb 12, its a 50 min test.

Course Objectives: As the first class in the micro sequence, Econ 100A is designed to teach you how to set up, solve, and analyze optimization models and apply these mathematical models to the theory of the consumer (commodity demand, labor supply, and consumption/savings decisions). Finally, we will examine the fundamentals of decision making under risk and uncertainty.

I need someone to help on the test in this class. I can provide the class notes. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE BID IF YOUR NOT AN EXPERT

Prior to beginning work on the Final Paper, read Steven Strauss article, The Connection Between Education, Income Inequality, and Unemployment

Prior to beginning work on the Final Paper, read Steven Strauss article, The Connection Between Education, Income Inequality, and Unemployment (Links to an external site.). In your Final Paper, you should address the following based on the information presented in the article and other research:

Describe how a country can measure its income inequality.
Evaluate the effect of income inequality on the U.S. economy, such as unemployment, economic growth, and other economic factors.
Estimate the gap between those who hold bachelors and higher (master or doctoral) degrees and those who do not.
Explain reasons why the inequality gap between educated and less-educated workers has been widening.
Evaluate whether increasing opportunities for higher education can reduce income inequality.
Analyze what else causes U.S. income inequality to widen.
Recommend how to reduce educationally based income inequality or other factors if you were a federal policy maker.
The Educa

Principles of Economics with Applications in the Air Transport Industry

This week's reading assignment is Chapter 2: Principles of Economics with Applications in the Air Transport Industry.

This chapter introduces us to the economic way of thinking and fundamental concepts of economics including scarcity and opportunity cost. Pricing is used as an example of a microeconomic issue before moving on to macroeconomic issues including growth, inflation and unemployment.

The chapter continues with a discussion on the role of government in the economy and in aviation specifically, and ends with an explanation of two broad areas of economic failures.

This week's written assignment will build upon your discussion post from Module 1. In that module, you made a thoughtful prediction regarding the health of the air transport industry over the next 36 months. In this week's written assignment, using 300 - 500 words, you will further define your prediction using concepts covered in Chapter 2, answering the following question: Is your prediction b

Macroeconomy Analysis

Please choose one of topics on macroeconomy below for you to analyze (please write atleast 3 pages of macroeconomy analysis --No references or research needed for this paper, although you are encouraged to scan the news outlets; the outcomes should be based entirely on your own critical thinking perspectives. Please write your thesis at the end of the first paragraph and underline your thesis statement)
1. Economic growth & business cycles
2. The equilibrium income model with taxes & foreign trade

Then, in the next page please read two cases (see file attached) and analyze those by providing compare or contrast. Use each paragraph to apply & compare / contrast as many of the macro-economic concepts as possible.  Explain their relevance and applicability to macroeconomy. (please write atleast 2.5 pages for this. Provide a NEW thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph and underline it)

Any topic (writer’s choice)

this essay has two parts. part one will be a summary of this article, you can write about 400 words. part two will be your own thoughts and commentary which is also 400 words. You can find the requirement in detail in the attached PDF file. Thank you.