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create a PowerPoint presentation suitable to use for a lecture in an introductory statistics class. You should include the following in your presentation:

    A description of why a knowledge of statistics is important in careers in psychology as well as in everyday life.
    A description of the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics.
    A description of the inferential tests discussed during this class. You should discuss the types of data that are appropriate for each test (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio). You should create a specific research example that would yield data appropriate for each of the tests that you mention. You should describe each of the variables involved in your research question and how that variable will be measured.
    A discussion of any ethical concerns that need to be considered for each of the research examples.
    At least one graph demonstrating how the

discrete math

Respond to the following:

Consider this example of a recurrence relation. A police officer needs to patrol a gated community. He would like to enter the gate, cruise all the streets exactly once, and then leave by the same gate. What information would you need to determine an Euler circuit and a Hamilton circuit?
Create a diagram for each type of circuit and explain the differences.


It is a 6 question project. I have 3 in question. Numbers 3-5.

3) I have no idea what he means underneath question 3 to be able to contruct the plot.
4) We have covered A-F, but not G-I
5) Cant do 5 without 4 being done. So this one too.

Review on Euclid Elements

write a page summary and reaction; follow the guidelines:
Be sure to write in accurate, complete sentences.
Be sure to include
o an accurate bibliographic entry for the text read
o a statement of the topic addressed
o a description of the area (what category? history, philosophy, geometry, etc.) o a statement of what appealed to you
o a statement about what is clearer to you due to this reading
o anything else you choose to express about the reading

Research Report


For this assessment, put together all of the pieces you have been working on throughout the course to form your research project. The Research Report Template will help you include the following in your project.

Insert the following from previous assessments into the template.

Insert your literature review after your title. If you have not done so previously, revise your literature review based on any instructor feedback.
Describe the number of participants in the study, meaning, and the number of participants who responded to both variables selected.
Be sure to revise based on any instructor feedback you received.
Insert the measurement you chose from your research proposal.
Be sure to revise based on any instructor feedback you received.
Be sure to turn the future tense from the proposal to past tense for this assessment.
Insert your explanation of your procedure fr



The Office of Financial Aid at the University of Michigan currently quotes the cost of textbooks for undergraduate students per semester to be $524 (Links to an external site.).  Administrators are interested in verifying if their estimate is accurate or if this figure needs to be updated before the start of the next school year.  They know that in order to obtain a more realistic estimate they need to rely on student data, so they have turned to various organizations on campus for help. 

The data: three different samples.

Two organizations on campus took different random samples of undergraduate students at UM and for each student recording the cost of textbooks during the Winter 21 semester.  Furthermore, financial aid administrators are aware that Stats 250 gathered data on the cost of textbooks for all students currently enrolled in the course.  Heres a brief summary of the three different random samples:

Table 1:

Applied Mathematics – constructing a mathematical. model

Essay Question: Consider a species that occupies a large, but fixed, number of islands. The distribution of the species across all islands is maintained by a balance between local extinctions and local colonization events. Devise a model for the relationship between the fraction of islands occupied by the species and time. Be clear to outline the assumptions you make and be sure to describe your key predictions.

Research Proposal- Psychology Class

Assessment Instructions
For this research, you will use the archival data from the GSS Data Explorer website to develop a research research question, develop a hypothesis, and analyze the data to draw conclusions.

Navigate to the GSS website.

GSS Data Explorer (2019). Retrieved from https://gssdataexplorer.norc.org/
You will complete the following steps in the GSS website. For a step-by-step guide, refer to the GSS Data Explorer Instructions [PDF] or the GSS Data Explorer Instructions video.

Create an account and add your two chosen variables to your cart.
Be sure that those variables are what you selected for your Literature Review.
Create a project, label it 4600_Last name, and save it.
Download the data by exporting it to Microsoft Excel.
Review the data available for each variable.
Once you have chosen your variables, use them for the entire course and use the resources provided to craft your study.


Descriptive Statistics and Probability

Show your work and explain your process for determining the solution for each of these problems on a word document with the solution given below the problem.
If Excel was used, please indicate that as well on the word document.
A word document and/or the Excel Workbook (if used) should be submitted to the Dropbox with labels on the worksheets to indicate which problem is being evaluated.
All answers should be clearly indicated.
Written explanation, reasoning, and rationale should use complete sentences.
Summarize data with frequency distribution tables. 
Create a frequency distribution table from the data selected.
Write a sentence for each of three findings based on the frequency distribution table in terms of the variable chosen.
Visualize numeric variables through histograms. 
Using your frequency information construct a histogram (for continuous variables) or bar chart (for discrete variables). Make sure to title your chart appropriately


For this task, you will read three news articles intended for a general audience reporting the results from correlational studies. You can find the links to these articles under your weekly resources. For each of the articles, you will answer the following questions and provide justifications for your answers:

    Provide a brief summary of the topic of the article.
    Determine which variables are the focus of the research.
    Describe how the results of the correlational analyses are presented.
    Does the author of the article present the results as causal? In other words, does the author make statements that one variable causes the other?
    Can you think of any additional variables that were not included in this study that may be important to consider?  Please describe the variables.
    Based on what you know about correlational research, does it make sense to make lifestyle changes based o