Philosophy Argument Essay

 The length should be about 3 pages, plus an additional page for the standard form outline of the argument. 


 Here are the required sections and section headings: 


Introduction: This should be a one-paragraph introduction to the paper.  It should tell the reader what claim you will defend and give the reader an overview of the arguments you will discuss: i.e., key concepts or how you will defend the argument. AVOID biographical or unrelated historical information: i.e., “The existence of God has been debated for centuries and it’s a topic that I’m very interested in.”  AVOID: giving a sequential 

summary of your argument: i.e., first I will discuss then argument, then I will discuss objections ….”  Focus on the argument itself: its logical structure and key concepts and contentious aspects.  

Example of a good way to start your paper: “In this paper I will defend the cosmological argument 

against the objection that the inference from first cause to the God of classical theism is weak.” This is a very informative first sentence.  It tells me which argument you will address, whether you will defend or critique it, and what you see as the main objection to your argument. 


Main Argument: In this section you will explain your main argument to the reader.  Your goal is to make sure your reader understands the logic of the argument and the reasons supporting its key premises.  (The text provides several excellent examples of how to explain an argument.)


Case Against: In this section, give the strongest case against your argument that you can. Your counter-case 

should reflect class discussion and readings

.  TIP: make sure the case against focuses on the argument you give 

and is not simply an argument for an opposing conclusion.  Stay focused on the argument.


Reply: In this section, give the strongest reply to the case against your argument.  


My PHIL essay topic is Does society have a moral obligation to regulate the progression of A.I. ad automation?  So, mine will be regulations on AI+ automation should be put into place. for example, disruption in the workforce.



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