RD 303 Reading and Phonics

Final Exam including Chapters 6, 9, 11, and 15

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Directions: There are five questions in this test, each question counts five points. This is an open book test. You can also discuss with your classmates. However, you must write up your own answers along in accord with University rules concerning academic honesty. Write the names of your collaborators on the test. If you use an idea that clearly originated with someone else, give them credit for it. Failure to do so is plagiarism!

1. Determine whether the words in each of the following sets are polysemic, homonymous, or metaphorically related. In each case, state the criteria used to arrive at your conclusion. 

1). to run down (the stairs); to run down (an enemy); to run down (a list of names)

2). the seat (of one’s pants); the seat of (of government); the (driver’s) seat (of a car)

3). an ear (for music); an ear (of corn); an ear (as auditory organ)

4). to spell (a word); (under) a spell; a (dry) spell

5). to pitch (a baseball); pitch (black); the pitch (of one’s voice)

2. The transcribed conversational excerpt below includes two adjacency pairs. Provide the letter or letters of the turn(s) for each of these categories: 

A. Eric: Wanna watch Civil War tonight?

B. Nan; The Ken Burns series?

C. Eric: He made it with his brother.

D. Nan: Sorry. I’ve got an econ quiz tomorrow. 

1) Insertion sequence, 

2) first part of first adjacency pair, 

3) second part of first adjacency pair, 

4) first part of second adjacency pair, 

5) second part of second adjacency pair. 

Next, match each of these speech acts to a turn that exemplifies it: 

6) clarification, 

7) rejection, 

8) proposal, 

9) request for clarification. 

3. Describe two ways in which you have noticed that the speech of women and men differs in greeting, threats, swearing, and promises. What do you think accounts for these differences? Do you think such differences are increasing or decreasing? Explain the bases for your answers? 

4. Explain in what ways the use of personal names such as Baby and Mommy could be easier for a young child to perceive and analyze than personal pronouns such as I and you

5. What are the components of Language?



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