Relationship Between Crime And People With Mental Health Illnesses.

For this assignment, you will submit your introduction section and literature review along with your APA formatted title page and reference page.


The introduction to your research paper should communicate what your research is about. In the introduction section you should describe the purpose of your research, explain the problem or issue, and establish the need for your research to be conducted.  

Further, the literature review is the biggest component of your final research paper. You will review the scholarly literature on your selected topic including a review of at least three primary sources (journal articles). Please note that dissertations and thesis projects do not count as they have not been subject to the same peer review process as journal articles. 

The literature review should begin broadly and slowly narrow down prior research studies until you reach your study purpose. Describe what the consensus in the field is and explain how your study will add to the body of knowledge on the topic. Address how your study differs from prior studies, the purpose of your research study, the research hypothesis (or hypotheses) and the anticipated outcome of the research. You should include subsections for The Present Study and for your Hypothesis (or Hypotheses)Please review the example assignment on the next page or by selecting here.

Paper Guidelines:

1.  Your paper must be in APA format. Make sure that your references and literature review citations are accurate.

2.  Your paper must summarize a minimum of three empirical research articles that are based on studies conducted in the social science field.

o  The articles you choose to review should contain a literature review, a method section, a results section, a conclusion/discussion section, and a reference page.

3.  How long does the assignment have to be? A minimum of 5 double-spaced pages of text—not including the title page and the reference page—and a maximum of 8 double-spaced pages of text.

Assessment and Evaluation Criteria:

1.  APA formatted title page (5 points)

2.  Introduction section – including transition to the literature review and incorporation of changes from prior assignment (20 points).

3.  Literature review – choice of research articles & ability to summarize/paraphrase prior research. Incorporation of changes from article summary assignment (40 points).

4.  Presentation of research need (5 points).

5.  Selection and explanation of variables to be studied (IV & DV). How will variables be defined and measured? (5 points).

6.  Statement of hypothesis (or hypotheses) and justification for each hypothesis (5 points).

7.  Organization, clarity & grammar. Adherence to manuscript requirements (10 points).

8.  Proper use of APA citations within the body of the paper – give credit where credit is due (5 points).

9.  Reference page – Proper APA citations for all references included in the paper (5 points).

Manuscript (Research Paper) Requirements:

1.  Double spaced, one inch margins

2.  12 point Times New Roman font 

3.  Insert page numbers in upper right hand corner

4.  Left alignment; no justified



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