Unit 5 Typology terrorism

For this assignment, you will compose the literature review section for your course project and compile the work you have previously completed into a single document.

To recap, in Unit I, you selected your terrorist organization or group and wrote a brief overview. In Unit III, you were asked to complete and submit your annotated bibliography. For this assignment, please include your references from Unit III as well as two or more new references.

Be sure that your literature review includes information related to the items listed below.

Include the background and overview of the terrorist organization.
Discuss the type of terrorism the organization or group falls under and why (religious, political, and/or ideological).
Describe recruitment tactics for potential members.
Explore how the online world has affected recruitment into your chosen extremist or terrorist organization.
Please see the following Success Center resources for help with constructing your introduction and literature review:


Literature Review

Your course project thus far should have the following sections completed for submission in this unit:

APA title page with running head,
APA abstract,
introduction (including your thesis statement),
review of literature (including an evaluation of sources and discussion), and
reference page.
Remember that your introduction should capture and focus the attention of your reader, present your topic, give background information on your topic, and present your literature review.

This literature review must be at least four pages in length, not counting the title page and reference pages. All sources used should be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting. To recap, for this assignment, you will create a literature review that directly relates to your course project topic, which requires you to research, select, and read peer-reviewed or academic journal articles. A minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles are required for the literature review. Newspapers, news outlets, blogs, or anything from Wikipedia or any of its affiliates are not acceptable. For more assistance, you can view the How to Find Peer-Reviewed Resources tutorial from the CSU Online Library as well.

Note: You did the first part of this project earlier let me know if you need more information
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