Week 4: Performance Improvement Case

This week, we will continue to apply the 7 Quality Control Tools discussed on page 477 of the Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text.

Complete both of the following tasks:

Task 1: Do Problem 23.b from Chapter 8 on page 447 (run chart/control chart).
A run chart displays data over time. The vertical axis represents the measurement; the horizontal axis is the time scale. Example 8.10 on page 396 discusses the run chart and Figure 8.10 on page 398 shows what a run chart looks like. A control chart is a run chart with two horizontal lines called the Upper Control Limit and Lower Limit. Figure 8.14 on page 404 depicts a control chart. See the discussion on pages 403-404 for more detail.
Make a run chart using the attached data.  Be sure to label the axes correctly.
Now make a control chart by adding Control Limits that you select.
Task 2: Complete the Janson Medical Clinic case on pages 511-513 (Pareto diagram).
A Pareto diagram shows the characteristics observed on one axis. The characteristics are ordered from largest frequency to smallest. The measure of each characteristic is on the other axis. Figure 9.21 on page 500 and Figure 9.7 on page 480 show examples of the Pareto diagram. Read the discussion on pages 479-481 for details.
Review the Check Sheet of data in Table 9.6 on page 511.
Construct a Pareto diagram for the causes of dissatisfaction identified.
What conclusions do you reach?
Select the top three sources of patient dissatisfaction and make a cause-and-effect diagram showing the possible reasons behind them.
Propose some process improvements to the flowchart in Figure 9.28.  Include re-designed processes in the to be flowchart that you think might help.
How will your suggestions address the sources of dissatisfaction in Table 9.6?
Additional resources for assignment
Prob08-23_data.xlsxPreview the document
To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.


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