Writing Assignment # 1

1 consists of answering Critical Thinking Questions from CRIM 210 (Introduction to Criminology). Please answer the assigned questions in 3-6 paragraphs (4-6 sentences per paragraph) using proper A.P.A. writing techniques. Each writing assignment is scored out of 50 points. Outside . Please use Times New Roman 12 font and double space the document. The writing assignment will be graded on content, proper writing/grammar, A.P.A. format, and research. The professor will check for plagiarism, so please be conscious of plagiarism rules. Please be detailed and remember to support all claims within the document. Please refer to the Writing sample template and instructions for further information. Upload the assignment in a Microsoft Word document on Blackboard prior to the deadline.

Below is the grade rubric for each writing assignment along with a sample template:

Content (15 points): Did the student answer the questions in the proper context and provide sufficient evidence explaining their position? Additional scholarly resources supporting opinions expressed will be needed in order to maximize points. Remember each question should be 3-6 paragraphs (4-6 sentences per paragraph) in length.

Grammar/Proper Writing (15 points): Did the student follow proper grammar and writing techniques? The writing assignment involves technical writing. Avoid pronoun-antecedent agreement errors, avoid broad generalizations and journalistic rhetoric, and use formal language. Attempt to eliminate all typographical or spelling errors from the document.

A.P.A. Format (10 points): Did the student follow proper A.P.A. writing techniques including proper citations (in-text and reference)? Remember to include a proper A.P.A. cover page (see sample found in the syllabus) and a reference. When paraphrasing please use the author’s last name comma year. For example, (Smith, 2020) or Smith & Jackson, 2020) for multiple authors. If you are using a direct quote, add the page number for instance, “The class involved studying criminology” (Anderson, 2020, p.130). All students should follow the template provided and consult an A.P.A. handbook for additional information regarding A.P.A. format.

Research (10 points): Did the student support claims and arguments with solid facts from outside scholarly resources along with the textbook? Remember to limit the number of direct quotes and paraphrase outside resources in order to improve the quality of the document. Each writing assignment should have at least 3-6 scholarly or peer-reviewed references. Some helpful hints include citing scholarly material found in academic databases such as, ProQuest, JSTOR, or EBSCO. Try to avoid non-scholarly research such as, magazines, unsupported websites, newspaper articles, Wikipedia, YouTube or television articles etc. Research is essential when supporting an opinion within the document.

These are the questions that you have to answer and write about;

Q1 in your opinion, do you believe shaming in a form of deterrence, and can shaming be used as an effective form of punishment? why or why not?

Q2 can American society provide justice to victims while limiting incarceration? why or why not?

Q3 According to rational choice theorists, why do some people under certain circumstances com-it crime or delinquency?

I have  upload a sample written  paper to give an idea of what is required


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