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This week, we’re analyzing the story, Snow, Glass, Apples, by Neil Gaiman. Now, write out that analysis in three paragraphs: an introduction and two evidentiary paragraphs.

You can find the story in Files / Stories.

The paragraphs should follow a very precise form, using rhetorical patterns. Follow this form EXACTLY, sentence-for-sentence.

The first paragraph is an introduction. The introduction will do the following:

Introduce the story and make a specific assertion about the story’s theme.
In two (2) to (four) sentences, make references to how the story establishes the theme being discussed.
Make a specific assertion about how this analysis will prove a very specific reception.
Discuss how that reception will be established, by referencing two pieces of evidence.
After this, the essay will follow the usual steps for two paragraphs’ worth of analysis.

Both of the following patterns together form ONE paragraph. So you’ll need to use both patterns for both paragraphs.

This first pattern is the Paragraph Introductory Pattern. You should use this only once per paragraph.

Topic sentence — one (1) sentence. This should be a clear, unambiguous claim about what the paragraph is going to demonstrate. Resist introducing evidence in the topic sentence. Instead, focus on making a claim that requires proof.
Explicitly state now how you’re going to prove the topic sentence’s claim. This might require more than one (1) or two (2) sentences.
Next, we’ll again use the Textual Analysis Pattern for each of the two following paragraphs. But we’ll add a sentence to the top of the paragraph.

Then, introduce the scene you’re about to discuss. Do this with two (2) sentences:
The first sentence should somewhat broadly refer to the part of the story you’re going to cover.
The second sentence should focus on the particular detail(s) you’re about to address.
Now make the point you want to make by analyzing how the specific text you’re referring to demonstrates your claim. This will take four (4) or five (5) sentences.
The first sentence should establish how the text serves as an example of the point being made.
The next sentence should elaborate on the previous one by pointing to additional detail or establishing how the text relates to other excerpts from the piece. The main thing here is to elaborate — either get into more detail, or tie the excerpt to other, similar examples.
The next sentence or two (2) should tackle some kind of counterargument. In other words, how might a reader try to disagree with your claim? Try to resist that imagined disagreement by first establishing what it could be and then briefly claiming why it’s incorrect. Pointing to yet more details of the excerpt is desirable here.
Finally, wrap up your point by indicating how this point might lead to the next related idea.
Each paragraph should be from eight (8), minimum, to ten (10), maximum sentences long. When you’re finished, submit your finished work here as a link to a Google Doc.


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