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One of the primary interests of this course has been to explore more explicitly the topic of architectural discourse and to prompt you to formulate your own position. The topic of your essay can be a reflection on a particular point of view expressed in the essays.
Try to move it beyond simply a statement of interest(s) or a re-statement of others interests, and instead discuss why you feel a particular voice or POV is significant. Support your statements and observations with examples from others. Think about the range of viewpoints we encountered, from those concerned with the discipline to those concerned with modes of practice. The hope is that you enjoy the chance to state and explore your own view of architecture and to persuade your audience that it matters.

I have uploaded 23 essays below, ofcourse you do not have to use all of them, but try to at least address 3-5 or more.
Please find a topic to write about that is interesting to do with Architecture and formulat

Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field invented outside of the U.S.

Consider a technology in the Mechanical Engineering field invented outside of the U.S.
(a) Describe the cultural and social factors in that country that led to this technologys invention.
(b) Describe how this invention has evolved and influenced the culture of the U.S.
(c) You must include at least two references.
(d)Minimum word count: 300

Scalability of Safety Management Systems

Not an an essay, just answer the following questions:

1) How might a Part 141 pilot school be different than a large Part 121 air carrier in regard to scalability?
2) Describe the primary factors that exist between a large, medium, and small organizations SMS.
3) Compare similar organizations to your own and identify how their scale would vary.
4) What strategy will you use to get buy-in from management to provide resources for developing and maintaining of SMS?
5) What are the key ways your organization obtains data and how is it used to make fact-based decisions?
6) What about your organization make it complex? How will knowing this help you establish a safety management system?

Government Regulations and Public Health Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to summarize and critically evaluate a scientific paper on risk assessment. Read the article from this unit's studies, "New Risk or Old Risk, High Risk or No Risk? How Scientists' Standpoints Shape their Nanotechnology Risk Frames."

Once you have read the article, write and submit a 12 page summary of the article. Address the following:

Highlight the main points presented in the article. What message is the author trying to convey?
How do these differing views affect environmental health?
What do other sources of information say about these concepts?
Are there discrepancies between the information in the article and information in the unit presentation or the text?
Include a reference to the information presented in the unit presentation and in the text.

Open Source Development Product

The aim of this thesis is to expose the potentiality of open source product development through an overview of the history, sustainability advantages, licencing and legal aspects, economics, related project (OSE), etc. As a mean to provide the tools to tackle the challenges of food shortage, the ongoing climate crisis and the centralization of power.
I am not quite sure on what to put as the hypothesis because the subject is a little vague. So I would basically describe important concept and keep it theoretical, or do you think we should do a business proposition? what I would put is the differences between the traditional enterprise vs and an open source enterprise. In the legal, economics, and social aspects of it. Also as my career is environmental and resource management oriented, there should be focus on how does this technologies are based on permaculture principles and a better resource distribution worldwide. It should have the environmental impacts and what are open source

Urban studies

SHORT ANSWERS (4 @ 10 points = 40%) Pick four out of ten questions listed below. For each question be sure to include reference to at least two required readings in USP2. See instructions at the end of this study guide spelling out how we want you to handle references in the body of your short answers and as a bibliographic entry at the tail end of your short answer. Your reference to the reading should say something about this author's or organizations contribution to the subject matter posed in question (i.e., weave it into your brief narrative). Each short answer should be approximately 350-500 words, not including the bibliography.

1.No matter what political perspective colors one's analysis, planetary urbanization taking place in the 21st century can be viewed as having five fundamental features (as spelled out in USP2 lectures). Briefly list each one with an example noting how it impacts cities in some way that you find particularly hopeful or disturbing.

2.List an

Solar-energy Systems – SEO Webarticle

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The purpose of this project is to enable students in Cities of the World to develop a critical understanding of the challenges and prospects for one city or an urban region in the world based upon an assessment of its origins, current conditions and plans for the future.  The assessment should explore what is distinct about the city/region, its origins, population size and composition, governmental structure, economic and environmental assets and institutions, as well as its built environment.  What are the current issues that shape its planning and politics? Consider its livability and what makes it a good or not-so-good place to reside, and for which groups. 

These are just some of the questions you can consider in your assessment, but you can definitely go beyond these issues based upon your interests as well as the uniqueness of the place you are examining.  You should try to get current information about conditions and these are accessible from multiple


It's about sustainability.
Select a book, article, or film from the list below.

Write a review of 500-750 words. It must include:

Proper citation  (MLA or APA format)
Brief synopsis  (about 250 words)
Strengths (2-3 things about the piece you found compellinguse quotes and page/scene references)
Weaknesses (2-3 things about the piece you found less compelling, in need of more detail, stronger argument, etcuse quotes and page/scene references)
Examples of Book Reviews:

(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
https://theecologist.org/2011/nov/17/counterpower-making-change-happen (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Option 1. Films to Choose From

2040 (2019)
An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (2019)
Artifishal (2019)
Before the Flood (2016)
Catching the Sun (2015)
Chasing Cor

Any topic (writer’s choice)

An essay is a required part of the application process. The essay should distinguish you as a unique candidate for admission. For example, you may want to provide information on the personal experiences that have shaped your academic abilities, or give us a more thorough insight on your exceptional achievements. The information you provide in the essay will be considered in the admission decision so please use the essay as a means to establish yourself as a unique candidate. Include in your essay the reason why you have selected your major and why it is important for you to attend Texas A&M University at Qatar.