Claims with reason


Choose a side on this issue to argue for or against. Argument is key.  A presentation of ideas and information will not suffice.  You must include argument. Take a stand

Note: The following topics are meant only to serve as examples of the kinds of policy issues that are presented in these particular fields. You may choose from among these, but you are not required to do so. Just remember, you may not write about abortion, gun control, marijuana legalization, euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, or gay marriage.

o  Should a community college education be free?
o  Should online education be standardized for all schools/colleges?
o  Should the SAT or ACT be used in college admissions?
o  Should public schools require school uniforms?
o  Should school lunches be regulated/changed/supported with locally grown food/required to purchase from school/etc.?
o  Should homeschool requirements be more heavily regulated/funded/monitored/etc.?
o  Should all high school graduates be required to attend some form of college?
o  Should all high school graduates be required to take a gap year before attending college?
o  Should community service be a requirement of high school or college graduation?
o  Should schools institute stricter polices (searches/lockdowns/metal detectors/ more security guards/etc.) to increase safety on school grounds?

o  Should the government more heavily regulate social media sites?
o  Should the government have access to technology that can break passcodes on smartphones?
o  Should laptops or smartphones be allowed in classrooms as tools?
o  Should there be a minimum age requirement on devices?
o  Should game ratings be revised?
o  Should people get identity chips implanted under their skin?
o  Should people trust/use smart speakers in their homes?
o  Should people in all countries have equal access to all technological developments or more specifically, should WiFi access be available to all communities at no charge?

      Food Issues
o  Should the government promote a vegetarian diet?
o  Should specific diets be supported by the FDA?
o  Should fast food restaurants/junk food/meats/etc. be taxed more heavily?
o  Should organic foods be subsidized more heavily to promote growth of the organic industry?
o  Should GMO foods be more heavily regulated?
o  Should additives be regulated/removed from foods?
o  Should vitamins be added to foods?
o  Should the government regulate the food industry at all?
o  Should food labels be more transparent in their information?
o  Should sugar/junk food be treated as an addictive drug?

Economics/American Dream
Should immigration policies be tightened or loosened to fill the growing need for jobs?
Should the income gap between men and women be closed?
Should affirmative action be used in hiring?
Should entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security continue to be supported and funded by Congress?
Should all Americans be required to start a private retirement fund like a 401k or an IRA?
Should all Americans be required to save a percentage of their salary?
Should America adopt universal healthcare? (Think of this in an economic light.)

Gender Issues
Should there be mandatory sexual assault training in colleges and workplaces for students and employees?
Should the US require paid maternity/paternity leave?
Should affirmative action be used to increase the number of women in certain workplaces?


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