M8.2 Discussion: Oral Communication – Final Project Presentation GECC

M8.2 Discussion: Oral Communication – Final Project Presentation GECC

At the end of last week, you submitted the culmination of 7 weeks of thinking, research, and writing. You should be proud of what youve accomplished! This week, youll get the chance to share your Final Project with your peers in a short “elevator pitch” video presentation.

An elevator pitch is a very short synopsis of your topic, something that could convince an audience during an elevator ride. To create one, youll need to think about the most important points of your argument to get across to your audience, and remember that your audience has not done the same amount of reading on your topic as you have over the last 7 weeks, so youll need to make sure your explanations make sense to a non-expert.

Begin by reading page 8.10 in your webtext and looking back at your final project and reflecting on its most important points.

Discussion Instructions
Initial post: Then, by Thursday of Module 8, create a 2-minute video clip (and a text transcript) that addresses the following:

Convince the audience of your thesis argument for your final project in a short elevator pitch. To do this youll need to introduce your topic and thesis statement, then articulate the main arguments in support of it in a way that non-experts can understand.
Then, reflect on the research process in this course what was the most important thing you learned through the last 7 weeks of research and writing and how do you plan to apply it in your future coursework and beyond?
NOTE: You will need to include a transcript or closed captions with your video in order to make it accessible for people with hearing disabilities. The easiest way to do this is to write out a script in advance and attach this to your post as a transcript. Use the Audio Script Writing Guide for help creating a script.

NOTE: Read the resources below for help with creating your video (or if a video is not possible an audio file) If you experience trouble uploading your video file to Canvas directly because of a slow internet connection, read option 4 in the Tips document below.

You will not be able to see posts written by your classmates until you create your initial post.

Replies:  Then, from Friday through Sunday of Module 8, reply to your classmates videos with text replies. Comment on their elevator pitch and self-reflection. Comment on specific aspects of your peers oral communication skills what did they do well? How did they communicate their points effectively? How have they improved since Module 6? Please be sure to reply to at least two of your peers’ posts. 


Tips for Creating a Video (also includes alternate audio-only information)
Audio Script Writing Guide


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