These are the steps for submitting your 10 abstracts assignment due this week. If you are using the library resources at Fayetteville State University, you will be able to obtain all the articles you need for your approved research project. The abstracts you would be submitting for evaluation would have to be obtained from the journals and databases link from the library.

If one were to assume that you are interested in searching the Academic Search Complete databases, you would

1. Click that link, and type in your search terms for the articles on your selected research topic.

2. After the computer has pooled all the articles related to your topic, these will be presented on a fresh page with the titles, a short summary of what is in the articles, and a link for the actual article in text and PDF. You are only to use articles from the year 2000 and newer.

3. Your task is to read each of these titles, and if they address your specific research question, click on the title, and not on the PDF or the full text of the article itself. The title will bring you an abstract on the next page.

4. Highlight the abstract, copy, and paste it into a Word document. Repeat this copy and paste exercise for all the research articles you would like to use for your research proposal. Note:  This is the ONLY time you are authorized to “cut and paste.”

5. You may search all the applicable databases for your articles. These include: Academic Search Complete (Links to an external site.); ProQuest Psychology Journals (Links to an external site.); ProQuest Science Journals (Links to an external site.); PsycARTICLES (Links to an external site.); PsycINFO (Links to an external site.); PubMed (Links to an external site.); Science Direct (Links to an external site.); etc.

6. An example of the abstracts you would be submitting has been posted for your review. Note that the information you submit must state the following. Abstracts submitted without the information below will not count. (See module “Sample Abstracts of Articles.”)

title of the article;
author or authors;
the abstract;
the journal in which the article is published, and
the year of publication (which should not be earlier than the year 2000).
7. After obtaining the 10 abstracts, save your Word document and upload it for submission. NOTE All assignments are to be uploaded to the assignments portal. No assignment is to be sent to my e-mail address.

Hopefully, these steps are clear for all, but if there is the need for further clarification, feel free to send your questions to me by the Canvas tool.


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