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The emergence of fur trade society in the West and the North was necessary to the success of the fur trade and Aboriginal economies. Discuss.

Write a well-organized essay of 7501000 words on ONE of the following topics. Please be sure to clearly identify your essay topic at the beginning of your essay. You are expected to use relevant evidence from your Canadian History: Pre-Confederation textbook, the video presentations by Canadian historians, and from the readings in Units Six to Ten. Feel free to use other articles from the Recommended Readings lists in the course or textbook.

Compare two articles on the early european approaches to the northeast of canada

Write a well-organized essay of 1000 words on ONE of the topics listed below. The purpose of the essay is to compare the research of two scholars on selected topics. When preparing this essay, begin by deciding whether the similarities or differences between their research dominate. For example, if differences are more significant than the similarities, then much of your essay will be taken up with the contrasts between the two articles. In this case, begin with a discussion of the similarities. You should include all the similarities. Once this is out of the way, you can then get down to the major part of your essay, the different approaches the authors have chosen to take. It is key in this assignment to demonstrate that you have thoroughly and carefully read and understood the articles.

Compare the articles by McGhee, and Loewen and Delmas on early European approaches to the northeast.

    McGhee, Robert. Vikings and Arctic Farmers: The Norse Atlanti

Women during American Revolution

Research Paper Assignment:

No less than five  pages, 250 words per page, double space
Font: Times New Roman, size 12
Cite your sources via the Chicago Manual of Style
Make sure you utilize at least five scholarly sources.
Include primary sources.
Please submit your paper via Turnitin on canvas

You can include the Though Womens Eyes book.

Write a paper addressing women in the American Revolution:
    The American Revolution brought independence to American colonists andto their minds freedom from oppression. Examine the impact of this freedom on the lives of women. Consider the impact on different groups of women, including European American, African American (free and enslaved), and Native American women. How was the American Revolution both liberating and confining for women? How revolutionary was the American Revolution?

Suggestions to help you with your writing:
1.    Write an intro

Deconstructing the Documentary Peer Discussion (Blackboard)

Deconstructing the Documentary Peer Discussion (Blackboard). Documentaries have long been a source of educational entertainment. However, often there is no connection to the literature spanning the academic field. In this activity, your task is to draw connections between the assigned readings and documentary films. Specifically, you will assess the academic worthiness of the documentary by specifically highlighting segments within the film. You will then explain how the documentary connects to our material.

I evaluate your participation by looking at your overall analysis. I am assessing your ability to analyze and critique the documentary. Do not merely summarize the documentary. I should be able to clearly see the analysis of the documentary through an academic lens. If you only summarize the documentary, you have not completed the activity correctly. You need to share with the class if the documentary is accurate, elaborate on the issues presented, and set the documentary to

Social Contract Theory and the Revelational Christian Ethic

Your reply must be 500600 words. You will be penalized for falling short or exceeding the word count. Any quotes or information used from sources other than yourself (including your classmates thread) must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and will not count towards the total word count.

Within this thread, I will discuss both the Social Contract Theory and the Revelational Christian Ethic. The goal is to define both terms and go in-depth about what is considered the good in each of these. The point I want to pursue, and describe is both the key differences and similarities.  I will close my thoughts up with what I feel is the strongest ethical theory.

The Social Contract Theory is an unspoken agreement amongst individuals in a community. Our text says, Social Contract Theory argues that our idea of what is moral is the result of an implicit agreement between the members of a society that facilitates the functioning of that society. Thom

Jacksonian Democracy

Research paper on Jacksonian Democracy utilizing the attached sources, outline, and thesis.

The Rough Draft must include (1) 1000 words, (2) a revised thesis statement, (3) three primary sources from your eText and (4) at least two secondary sources formatted in Chicago Style as documented in the Rampolla text to support our thesis.

The eText is Chapter 10 in  "Of the People" A History of the United States with Sources  by: Michael McGerr


During the mid-18th Century, English colonists appealed to the metropole for redress of various grievances. In this essay, I want you to consider the ethics and civics of the elite members of colonial society seeking change (later known to us as the Patriots). Who were these Patriots? What methods did they use to further their goals through civic engagement? What ethical considerations did they take into account in seeking redress of their grievances? How did they fail in the creation of the first American government under the Articles of Confederation? Did the second government under the Constitution address their grievances or did they simply remove the imperial government and placed themselves in that position? Note 1: Successful responses will consider a broad range of evidence in support of arguments. Take a few moments to consider how you would respond by making a list of both "ethics" and "civics" related to the colonists and their grievances. Be sure to have a mixture of big/br

Ethics and the Profession of Arms

1.    The essay must not exceed 1200 words in length, double-spaced, one-inch margins, and 12-point Times New Roman font with page numbers. Due 6 Feb 2021.

2.    The thesis will be the last sentence of the first paragraph. The paper should be an argumentative essay, not merely describing or explaining and address and extended presidential terms as reasons for U.S concern and intervention.

3.  Present an outline with the paper.

Military Toxic Leadership
Thesis: Most human nature is good, but with accolades and promotions over time, that power causes one to lose self-awareness, and that lack of awareness is usually the thing that gets them caught. 

Write on how the power of being a senior leader can feed temptation. The paper will address the below:
-Common character traits of toxic leaders
-How to develop young leaders to avoid these character flaws
-Experience teaches us skill/talent cannot compensate

political economy of USA

-Locate at least five (5) peer-reviewed articles and at least three (3) texts on the political economy of USA
-Write a three (3) single-spaced essay summarizing the result of the research endeavor.
- so you have to choose 5 peer reviewed articles and 3 books
- 3 pages only, single spaced.

Comparison of Narrative

:This section of your final project is where you will complete an analysis of how best to understand this event in history, based on the primary and secondary resources you have studied. Use your primary sources in particular to analyze yourtwo perspectives on the event in question.